Tree work done right!

Complete or Partial



Trees are large and can be difficult to take down. If you are not a trained professional, this can be extremely unsafe to try on your own. Everybody's Tree Service has trained staff who know how to quickly take down trees while keeping individuals and existing buildings safe. We believe in getting things done right the first time, and train our staff to perform at an optimal level!



Trimmed Bonzai.png

Trimming and pruning removes diseased, decaying or unnecessary branches, allowing healthy branches to thrive and preventing accidents from falling dead branches. Novice tree trimmers or well-meaning homeowners can damage or kill a tree by pruning it improperly. Our tree service has the skill to prune trees so that they remain healthy and look beautiful.

Professional & Safe



Not all trees require removal! Often they can be topped and the tree can be saved. Topping trees can remove danger by preventing blow overs. It can also enhance access to sunlight, improve your view, or clear tree tops away from dangerous cables and power lines. The staff at Everybody's Tree Service know which trees are are good candidates for topping, and the proper way to do it.




 We normally climb trees for removal, and this allows us the precision and versatility to cater to sensitive locations with the ability to lower pieces to the ground minimizing or eliminating damage to the surrounding property. Furthermore, we can climb trees to assist in other projects like saving a household pet or installing a piece of equipment.

Emergency & Danger


It takes an experienced arborist to spot potentially hazardous trees on your property. One tree that is covered in fungus might be perfectly healthy, while a tree that looks fine might be ripe to fall in the next windstorm. Sometimes those trees have already fallen. When you have a dangerous tree it's best to call a professional tree service. We specialize in removing hazardous  trees efficiently and safely.

Expert & Aesthetic


Southeast Alaska boasts amazing views at every turn. While trees are an essential part of the landscape, some trees might grow to block out essential views or much desired sun. Everybody's Tree Service can help you enhance your view, while increasing the value of your property and your enjoyment of life at home, through proper trimming, pruning, topping or removal.